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Where to Get Good Opinions on Hardware/Software

I’m always looking for real world opinions and thoughts on products that I will invest money and time into. I usually have a rough idea on what I need, and can get a loose grip on base requirements, but at the same time, I need to be open minded since I’m really learning about the ins and outs of ham radio.

One thing to always keep in mind for these reviews is that you have to read through the good *and* the bad to make an informed opinion. Lots of times you can find more in-depth reviews. I normally give those more weight, especially if there are real measurements involved (no “seat of the pants” performance metrics for me please).

Here, I’ll name off a few resources that I’ve found helpful.

#1 – eHam Reviews –

This site is chock full of interesting reviews and opinions on everything! From new to old hardware, software, etc. this site has continually been the best resource for information about amateur radio related tools.

#2 – Universal Radio –

Mostly reviews of transceivers here, but also has a great list of accessories for the unit you’re looking up.

#3 – Amazon –

Great site for new things, but you won’t find all of the discontinued items to use as a comparison for swap meet and e-bay items. Great thing is that you can sort the reviews by stars, and make better use of your investigation time.


Learning the Old Fashioned Way

In my quest for learning more about the amateur radio hobby, I found these old Military training films that shows relevant topics. They are simply the best videos I’ve found on the subjects. If you’re anything like me, you’ll end up following with more tangents within these training films. They are such a great source of information!

Basic Principles of Frequency Modulation (1949) | U.S. War Department Training Film

Basic Principles of Frequency Modulation p2-2 1944 US Army Training Film; Kent Smith

Radio Electronics: Frequency Modulation Basic Principles pt1-2 1964 US Army Training Film

adio Electronics: Frequency Modulation Basic Principles pt2-2 1964 US Army Training Film

Antenna Fundamentals 1 Propagation

Antenna Fundamentals 2 Directivity