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My Current Equipment

Just thought I’d start off with what I’m currently using for my amateur radio setup.



– Baofeng UV5R

– Homemade 2m/70cm vertical dipole
This was fashioned after the directions here.

HF (listening only because I can’t afford it yet)

– RTL-SDR, USB Stick Set with RTL2832U & R820T

Ham It Up v1.2 – NooElec RF Upconverter

HDSDR software

– Long wire horizontal antenna (yup, just a wire hanging from wall to wall that my wife is probably not really happy with, but she’s a trooper!)




– Baofeng UV5R (Yup! Another one!)

– Magnetic 2m/70cm antenna

Introducing Myself – W4XXV (was KM4AML)

What is there to say?

I’m what I would consider a little geeky. I love to dabble in electronics, play with technology, and love to learn about things (unless there’s a test at the end).

Wanting to take my geekness to a certified level, I studied up, and got my General Operator Class license for amateur radio in April of 2014. I was issued the call sign KM4AML.

This is is a very informal site that I wanted to create to capture some of the things I’m learning as I explore the world of amateur radio.

I’m always looking for information on the web in relation to one thing or another, so I’ve decided to try and gather the related information here for others, as well as myself for later reference.

If you see anything here that peaks your interest, shoot me an email to let me know how it’s going. I’m always up for learning from what others are doing.

With that, I’ll say “73”, and wish you well with your hobbies.

UPDATE: As of 5/12/2015 my ID is W4XXV.